the dreaded “C” word

How to keep your diary full over the Christmas slump.

Christmas…whether we like it or not is just around the corner, and sadly for driving instructors across the UK that means less work.

As we move into the winter months, we see a sharp decline in people wanting to learn how to drive, resulting in driving instructors pinching their pockets and winding down early for a well-deserved break. But how do you get over the holiday slump?

you’re not alone

Unless a business sits within the retail or hospitality industry, you’ll inevitably see a slow period through November and December. Across the board, websites see a dramatic drop in website traffic meaning less people are looking to purchase new products and/or services through the winter months.

This drop in traffic is predictable, meaning as a driving instructor you can put things in place to ensure that you turn the seasonality changes from a challenge…into an opportunity.

the opportunity

Whilst there may be less people wanting to learn to drive through November/December, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any business to be had. How many of your new learners in January have been bought driving lessons as a Christmas present? We would bet quite a few! So where do those driving lesson Christmas presents come from?

Simply by changing your approach from trying to recruit new learners, to selling a Christmas gift can have a huge impact on the success of your marketing campaigns. Rather than focusing on trying to recruit 17-25 year olds, targeting the parents instead can give you that extra boost you need to get you through the hard times. And do you know the best bit about driving lessons as a Christmas present? They are often paid for up front, in full!

think outside the box

Even though fewer people are actively searching for driving lessons running up to the Christmas period, it doesn’t mean that people don’t want driving lessons. If you have been fortunate enough to download and read our FREE E-BOOK on generating new learners for your driving school, you’ll know that special offers work using the fear factor. The fear of missing out is a hugely powerful tool that we can use in our marketing campaigns to drive action.

A well placed, well-constructed offer will seem too good an opportunity for some people to miss out on, and with many driving schools winding down for Christmas you have much less competition in the marketplace. Whilst it might not flood your inbox with new enquiries, there is certainly still business to be had.

there is only good times ahead

It’s true, being a driving instructor in the latter parts of the year can be tough. Whether you are an independent driving instructor, part of a franchise or even a franchise owner, finding new learners to fill your diary is tough. However as we move into the New Year, things start to look a whole lot brighter.

As well as the youngsters who have been bought driving lessons for Christmas, we also see a spike in website traffic and online users searching for new products/services. January/February are the busiest times for driving school websites, seeing a huge increase in the amount of visitors they get.

Ensuring that you have something in place in January ready to capitalize on this increase of new potential learners is absolutely vital, and is the difference between whether you will have a successful year or a quiet one.

what we do

Whilst sadly we can’t magically increase the amount of people wanting driving lessons through the winter months, we can help attract as many of the ones that are there as possible. As highlighted above, ensuring you have something in place ready to kick start the New Year can add a monumental boost to your driving school, something that we have done for over 150 instructors across the UK

If you want to have a chat with us about what you can do to increase bookings through the winter months, and create fantastic campaigns to drive huge amounts of bookings in the New Year, why not get in touch.

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